WATCH: Celebrity make-up artist Athena Skouvakis shows YOU how to master an 'easy POW brow' in 60 seconds

Cara Delevingne‘s eyebrows have their own Twitter handle, have sparked a two-year love affair with BIG, BOLD, BROWS, have walked (ish) at Burberry and – frankly – at times they’re more famous than she is.

The POW brow trend doesn’t look like it’ll be budging anytime soon either, just look at Victoria Beckham‘s SS15 catwalk for proof.

Well now we can ALL master Cara‘s POW brows, minus any real effort or extra growth whatsoever. So STOP Sellotaping fluff to your forehead, sit back, relax and watch Now’s video how-to POW-BROW guide instead.

Now has teamed up with celebrity make-up artist Athena Skouvakis to bring YOU the ultimate #MakeUpMasterclass – filming three failsafe and FOOLPROOF video how-tos that’ll get you party-ready in 60 seconds. Whether you’re time-poor or just lazy, and whether you’re doing your make-up on the bus, at home or in the work loos – there’s a look for you.

Bold brows aren’t going anywhere in a hurry. Keep your face fur looking ‘fash’ and team yours with statement jewellery, as championed at Moschino. Set to be 2015’s ultimate power couple, opt for big, brushed out brows then call your bling ‘slogan’ for bonus points. It’s the cool way to make a statement, minus the effort of opening your mouth…!

HOW-TO Get #PartyReady in 3 easy steps:

1] Follow the natural line of your brow, taking colour just past where the eyebrow finishes for a fashionable finish.
2] Use colour to fill in any gaps. Athena Skouvakis recommends a gel brow mascara – such as L’Oreal’s Brow Artist Plumper £5.99 – which not only colour matches brows, but also works as a brush and gel to hold hairs in place. It’s also enriched with fibres that plump the brows to further intensify their shape.
3] Finally, blend for a natural finish, add statement jewellery and tell everyone and anyone that you’re making Brows + Bling ‘a thing’

TOP TIP! Grow Your Own
Take a pencil parallel to your nose. Classic shapes should start where the pencil meets the inner brow, arch at 45 degress and finish in line with the top of your ear.