WATCH: Celebrity make-up artist Athena Skouvakis shows YOU how to master 'easy eyeliner' in 60 seconds


Do YOU love Alexa Chung‘s eye make-up? Does the thought of wiggling on liquid eyeliner bring you out in a sweat? 


Now has teamed up with celebrity make-up artist Athena Skouvakis to bring YOU the ultimate #MakeUpMasterclass – filming three failsafe and FOOLPROOF video how-tos that’ll get you party-ready in 60 seconds.

So whether you’re time-poor, lazy, doing your make-up on the bus, at home or in the work loos – there’s a look for you.

Think of it as beauty for beginners, then have a go at The Cool Girl’s make-up look of choice: 


– Make-up artist Athena calls it an ‘instant facelift’ – which may be why flicked eyeliner has proved such a hit with celebs and PLUs* (People Like Us) alike!

This season’s ‘It’ flick is part smokey-eye, part flick – and all achievable in a matter of minutes. WATCH how to master the quick flick in our video above!  

Make up Masterclass: Get #PartyReady in 3 easy steps
1] Opt for a slanted brush for a more dramatic flick. £5.99 Maybelline’s MasterGraphic Eyeliner in Black is great, and has a quick-dry long-lasting formula to help stop smudging.
2] Athena says: ‘Start lining the eyelid wherever feels comfortable, the trick is simply in the flick: The more dramatic the upwards flick, the more eyes are lifted.’
3] She reveals: ‘The thicker the flick, the easier it actually is to master in a hurry. Do stock up on cotton buds and £4.50 Bioderma Sensibio H20 to mop up mistakes though, really it’s all about practice.’

Know your Shape
Athena says, ‘KNOW YOUR EYE SHAPE!’ The rounder your eyes, the thicker your liner can go – but keep the flick short. Almond-shapes should stick to a thinner but longer line to accentuate the natural length of the eye.