John James Parton loves girlfriend Josie Gibson's new fragrance

Josie Gibson has revealed she’s not the only one who loves wearing her new perfume – boyfriend John James Parton is splashing it all over, too.

The Big Brother 11 winner is releasing her new scent – called simply Josie – in time for Christmas.

The creation, she says, was very much a joint project for her and her man.

‘You’ve got to know what smells right, haven’t you? she tells Now.

‘You need a man’s point of view.’

Her Aussie hunk, 25, doesn’t mind a bit that the scent is maybe a bit girly.

John James loves the smell,’ says Josie.

‘He used to wear Katie Price‘s perfume – he wears mine now!’

But modest Josie insists she’s not in competition with Katie Price or even Katy Perry, who have both released perfumes for the Christmas season.

‘They’re quite big fish aren’t they,’ she says, ‘I’m only a little fish.’

Josie‘s perfume Josie is available from The Perfume Shop and for £19.50. For each bottle sold before Christmas, £1 will go to Josie‘s chosen charity Look Good, Feel Better.

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