Mossie's hairdo didn't look great this week


Is Kate Moss – one of the world’s most in demand, highest paid supermodels – starting to show her age? God forbid!

We all know that Kate loves to party and sometimes this can be seen in unflattering, unretouched paparazzi pictures.

But at the launch of her new handbag range for Paris fashion house Longchamp 36-year-old Kate was looking far less than her best.

Were they grey hairs peeping through that expensive set of highlights? Or was it a case of over-zealous use of dry shampoo by her hair stylist?

To us beauty ladies in the know at Now it looks like the latter.

We love the texture and volume that dry shampoo can give to hair and it’s perfect for those sexy bouffant 60s ‘dos that are often worn by Miss Moss.

But as Kate proves, beware over-use or you run the risk of looking like your granny!

Remember, spray a little at a time. You can always add, but you can’t take away.

A lesson learnt we think!

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Karen Buglass