See which beauty prods she just can't live without! And they're all under £35!

Love to see what’s inside a celebrity beauty bag? Us too!

There’s thousands of products that we all *need* out there, and sometimes it’s hard to know what really is essential, and what just looks pretty. We’re here to help you narrow things down.

We’ll start with the base-ics, foundation. This foundation is known for it’s long lasting and silky formula that’s easy to use and blend so you can get yourself full coverage in seconds.The finish is demi-matte and keeps the natural radiance of your skin. It’s available in 10 shades, and pretty much seems like the perfect foundation, are you persuaded yet? Katie says…

“I had to re-learn make-up. I had some not-so-great experiences with camouflage at the hospital: shades, tones and colours were dated and the application was poor. Nowadays I am happy to go barefaced when I’m not working. When I’m on TV, I use high-street brands such as L’Oréal and I’m a fan of High Definition make-up”

You can get this foundation for just £32 at


Katie also swears by the Beauty Kitchen 5 Minute Miracle Mask, but I’m sure we’d all love it if it performs miracles. The mask visibly draws out dirt from your skin, and while doing this it hydrates it and restores a youthful glow. Your skin will feel lighter, cleaner and purer. That’s all we need!

“I just apply a layer of the Beauty Kitchen 5 Minute Miracle Mask then press the oil on top sleep with it on the face”  You can get your hands on this for just £14.99 from Holland and Barrett.

£14.99, Holland and Barrett.

Manuka Doctor ApiRefine Radiance Serum is a luxurious finishing serum that works immediately to boost your skins radiance for an even complexion. The intensive serum uses Purified Bee Venom and Manuka Honey to help correct visible signs for ageing. I think we all need this.

“Manuka honey is another favourite; it’s used in burns units for dressings and I recently discovered Manuka Doctor skincare. I use their oils, creams and serums – it’s more of a treatment than a beauty product. A beauty regime for me, using Manuka Doctor, includes layering up the ApiRefine Radiance Serum, letting it sink in, then following with the ApiNourish Restoring Night Cream, then pressing the Replenishing Facial Oil oil on top all over face, neck and décolletage”

Start using this immediately because it’s only £17.99 from Holland & Barrett.

£17.99, Holland & Barrett


The Ladival Sun Protection is the latest revolution in sun care. It’s the first brand to protect against harmful infrared-A rays along with UVA and UVB.

“I always carry Ladival sun protection in my make-up bag, it’s important that we remember to protect our skin throughout the year, not just in the summer months. I like to apply it to my skin as a base, before my make-up.”

The Ladival range is available at Boots and other pharmacies for only £19.99. Now we all know you cant resist that.

£19.99, Boots

Words by Natalie Bradshaw