Gross or glossy? Kim Kardashian only cleans her locks every five days

In our imaginary world of Kim Kardashian and her Kardashian West clan, she gets up and is beautified instantly. Women holding hairdryers and make up brushes spring out of wardrobes prised and ready to get her preened the minute she wakes.

But Kim Kardashian has gone and ruined this comedy diva image we’ve dreamed up after ahhing at her latest selfie and she has revealed to the world that her gloriously gorgeous hair can sometimes go a good five days solid before even seeing any shampoo.

Say WHAT?? FIVE days of dirty hair? Now that’s a lot of dry shampoo spritzing.

But how? Even after two days of soap dodging the Now team are embarrassingly scraping back our hair do’s into essential cover-up top knot buns and ponytails. But what do the experts say?

Sam Caldwell Smith, Creative Stylist for Mowgli London, an Aveda salon, says:

‘Washing your hair helps to prevent a build up of oils, preventing your hair from becoming greasy and clogging pores. In the worst case scenario not washing your hair for long periods of time can damage the hair folicle. However, it’s all subject to lifestyle; Kim’s hair will be dry from having it coloured a lot so doesn’t need to wash it as much, plus a celebrity like her won’t suffer from getting dirty hair from cooking or going on public transport!’

The 34-year-old mum of one told online magazine ‘Get The Gloss’ that ‘For my hair, I don’t wash it every day,’ she said. While her beauty regime is incredibly complex and costly, when it comes to her hair things are slightly more simple.

Here’s her five day hair routine and how she avoids getting anywhere near the showerhead:

‘Day 1: We start out with a blowout [blowdry],’ Kim explains. ‘Day 2: We go into a messier vibe. Day 3: We flat iron [Straighten] it and do a really sleek look, since that requires a little oil in the hair. Day 4: Could be a slicked-back ponytail. Day 5: Is when you wash it,’ Kim laughs.

But hold up!!!!! Have you noticed how she uses “WE” throughout her diary entries? Yes! Us too! Ah ha we knew it! The women that lurk in her wardrobes remain.

What do you think? How long do you go without washing your hair?

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Lydia Anne Thompson