The actress shows off her chunky 'bangs' as new series starts

Mondays are no longer dull and boring, thanks to the start of the brand new series of Glee. And wow, isn’t Rachel Berry looking fab!

Actress Lea Michele showed off her new hairstyle as the series opened this week – a chunky, full fringe or ‘bangs’ as it’s called in the US.

If you’re looking for a change of look for the new year, take the plunge like Lea and get a blunt fringe chopped in.

But beware a new fringe brings heavy-duty maintenance with it, especially if you’re not blessed with luscious, shiny locks like Lea.

You’ll need to get it trimmed every two weeks to maintain the shape and expect it to get greasy quickly when the weather warms up, so it’ll need frequent washing.

But we reckon that if it means looking as fab as Lea with her chunky fringe in Glee, then the hard work’s worth it.

Oh, and when you switch on next week to admire Lea‘s fringe, check out Sam Evans, the newly-arrived and very sexy new quarterback


Jade Sprowson