Leona fakes a haircut


X Factor 2006 winner Leona Lewis appears to have a new haircut.

The singer, who vamps it up when she straightens her long curls, now has another new look – a bob.

Only there was no snipping involved becauseLeona‘s new ‘do is actually a ‘fob’, created by her personal hairdresser, Ben Cooke.

Co-founder of Lockonego, Ben told us how to get Leona‘s sexy ‘short’ style…

Begin by working a serum into the ends of your damp hair to encourage a sleek and glossy finish.

Blow dry hair on a medium heat, using a paddle brush

Create a rough side parting, using your fingers.

Tie your hair into a low bun, securing at the nape of your neck.

Loosen out the bun until the bun becomes baggy and hair from the front starts to fall onto your face.

Finally, tuck any loose tresses under the bun to create an instant bob and secure with bobby pins, finish with hairspray