With the launch of their new perfume, find out what happened when we caught up with Little Mix to find out their dream secret powers

Little Mixers Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, Jesy Nelson and Leigh-Anne Pinnock are the UK’s hottest girlband of the moment! Three number one singles, HAWT boyband boyfs (Perrie is engaged to Ex One Direction member Zayn Malik and Jesy’s seeing Rixton’s Jake Roche) and now, they’ve just launched their first perfume, Gold Magic. Read what happened when Now’s Junior Style Content writer Sarah found out when she caught up with the gorgeous girls.

How did you come up with the name Gold Magic?

Jade: Well our new single is called Black Magic – We’d been thinking of names for a while and obviously Black Magic happened and it kind of just made sense! It all kind of fell into place like ‘take a sip of my secret potion’ and all that. Basically that’s about having confidence in yourself isn’t it and it kind of gives the perfume a good meaning.

What’s your earliest fragrance memory?

Leigh Anne: I remember being in Egypt with one of my good friends Hannah and CK Into You, that was our perfume smell, and I always relate perfumes to holidays cause like whenever you wear one you always remember that holiday and that is what I will always remember.

Jesy: Do you remember Charlie Red? That was the first one I used. Everyone used to use it.

Is there a particular moment this fragrance reminds you of?

Jade: I think just this whole experience. When we first found out we were doing a perfume, it was massive milestone and we first got together in the very beginning years ago, we had a little list of what we wanted to achieve as a girl band. We wanted dolls we wanted a perfume. And now it’s finally happening and it’s just amazing! And we’ve had such a good time and we’ve been through the whole process of it from picking the scents to what it’s going to look like and everything and it’s been really fun.

Have you had a lot of involvement with this?

Perrie: Yes. I don’t think we realised how long it would take to do something like this. The process is soo long! Obviously the name came quite far down the road but we had the bottle and all the bottles were beautiful!

Leigh Anne: We’re really quite fussy as well aren’t we? Like everything had to be perfect. It had to be us didn’t it? It had to be perfect.

What’s the last thing you bought?

Jesy: I bought a pair of Louboutins for my boyfriend and he brought me and Jade Nandos!

Jade: I brought a Porn Star Martini last night!

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

Perrie: Oh, plenty of designer stuff! I’ve got some Versace boots that come right up to my knees – they were expensive. I love bags too! I’ve got some Prada bags and Louis Vuitton bags.

Jade: I got some Versace heels that I live in! They’re the best things ever.

Leigh Anne: I would say my Celine bag – That killed me!

Perrie: Oh! Chanel coat. That was the most expensive and I’ve still never worn it. It’s beautiful but because it’s that beautiful I’m scared to wear it.

Where do you all shop?

Leigh Anne: I think the go-to place if you’re in a rush is Topshop. You go there and you know you’re going to find something decent and the Oxford Circus store is amazing.

If Little Mix was a shop, what would it be and what would you sell?

Jade: Everything! It would be girly heaven. Clothes, makeup, perfume, shoes, food and sweets. A food store, a coffee bit like for hot chocolate. A milkshake bit. Oh my god I think it would be the best place you’ve ever been!

Leigh Anne: There would be like sections like a health section, it would be for everyone.

Jesy: And it would be affordable for everyone as well.

Jade: There’d be jewellery, there’d be a nail salon oh and brows in the corner!

If you had a magical power, what would it be and why?

Jesy: Mine would be to click my fingers and I would be ready and I could just go wherever I wanted just by clicking my fingers.

Leigh Anne: Mine would be to fly.

Perrie: Mine would be to stop time.

Jade: Invisibility would be good.

Little Mix’s debut perfume is out now and available here.

Sarah Bradbury