They were good tears BTW!

Michelle Keegan is the nicest, most beautiful celebrity in the universe.

TBH we’d expected as much, but can now safely say it as fact. Hellooooo new girl crush!

Now HQ met up with Michelle in London on Wednesday to celebrate her new signing as ambassador for Garnier Ambre Solaire Self-Tanning.

The actress is super-pysched to be working with the brand, saying: ‘It was lucky really
because I’ve always been a fan of Garnier. Even from interviews from years
ago, I’ve always loved Garnier!

‘I don’t really wear fake tan all the
time – it’s more of a ritual for me and I’ll do it now and again. But when I do I always use Garnier Ambre Solaire every single time because it’s
the best one. I’ve tried other products but with this being a mist, it
goes on evenly, has a nice smell and looks really natural and it’s
really easy to apply – it’s just easy. You can actually tan your back with it!

‘I don’t like wearing fake tan in the day because I get worried that I’ll streak it so I like to wake up and wash it off and feel fresh. With this mist, it’s got a really nice smell and doesn’t have that traditional biscuit smell when you get in bed.’

[Us: It genuinely is by far the best smelling tan!]

Michelle: ‘It really is! And I’m not just saying that as well, it really is the best smelling tan. Even Mark [Wright, her fiance] said that to me once he said “it actually doesn’t smell like biscuits for once!” and I was like “SEE!”

Michelle also revealed her summer style tips, fitness tricks and can’t-live-without beauty buys (think Maybelline, Garnier, Simple + more).

Her BEST bargain beauty tip? ‘I’m gagging to try mayonnaise as a hair mask, I saw it on This Morning earlier this week,’ she laughed, flicking her perfectly (Kerastase-coiffed) hair over her shoulder.

Her biggest beauty blowout? ‘Perfume. I’m obsessed. I can’t stop buying it. I’m currently obsessed with £142 Tom Ford Private Blend Neroli Portofino EDP .

‘It comes in a blue bottle. Mark’s got it and I constantly use it and he goes mad at me! It’s a blue bottle and – for holiday it’s amazing.’

… Which is when Now Style Content Director Gilly – aka MK’s new number one fangirl [who’s getting married just after Michelle and Mark’s big day] pulled out a small wedding present for Michelle… A bottle of Oscar De La Renta’s Something Blue EDP.

‘Oh my god, that’s so cute! I want to cry – I’m very emotional! I’ve become really emotional! That is so sweet! It’s Oscar De La Renta! Oh my god the bottle’s gorgeous, I can see the top of it already!

‘But seriously it’s gorgeous. I’m actually going to wear this
on my wedding day! I promise you and swear on my life that I will wear
this on my wedding day! I promise you now – that is my something blue. I
haven’t got one yet. Oh my god, it’s so weddingy!’

‘I’ll definitely wear this on my wedding day, I’m not even kidding – I love this! You’ll wear my Garnier Ambre Solaire Self-tanning Mist, right!?’

Haha! Hells yes Michelle, we will! We didn’t even need to tell her it’s already our favourite self-tan by miles.

Michelle: Are you excited for your wedding?
Now’s Gilly: I’m terrified!
M: Oh me too! Is THAT your engagement ring? JESUS! Did he pick this?
G: It’s his Grandmother’s.

…And with that Gilly and Michelle Keegan both got waaaay too wedding giddy – discussing wedding day tans… our bridesmaid dramasengagement ringswedding hairstyles… where we’re having our hen dos… what style wedding dresses we’re both wearing… and more…’

Only, we’ll be keeping schtum about ALL that, just in case Mark’s reading this, obvs.

Fancy falling a little bit more in love with Michelle? Perhaps you just want to hear how she’s gets style-ready for summer?

From squats, supplements, weddings, diets, hair treatments, manis and more – READ all about Michelle’s style countdown – only in Now magazine, o

ut 14 April 2015.