Stop right there if you think a simple red slick of nail polish will cut the mustard this week. We've had a look-see at Lily Allen's nails


Is Lily Allen missing her former Bangerz tourmate? It might explain why she’s just had twerking Miley Cyrus images painted on her nails.

Hand drawn on a white background and adorned with gems and glitter, the saucy dancing characters pay homage to Miley, who the singer joined for several dates of her American tour this summer.

The intricately detailed designs were painted in Chicago by manicurist Astrowifey AKA Ashley Crowe where Lily was performing solo at the Riviera Theatre.

Lily’s usual manicurist Michelle Humphrey is the talent behind most of the singer’s out-there looks, including the coloured glitterball effect, the rainbow ombre and embellished Barbie-inspired style that the mother of two posted on Instagram.

But wherever she is in the world, Lily lets her manicurists’ creativity run wild – showing off My Little Pony-inspired tips, a banana-mani and even a rainbow pedi.

With Lily’s love of an OTT mani, it’s no wonder that the Hard Out Here singer jumped at the chance to launch her own line of acrylic nails with Elegant Touch.

Named after the songs on her album they cover off all her favourite trends – metallic, embellished, rainbow and glittery, though disappointingly there’s no twerking Miley in the current collection. Prices start from £6.99 and are available from Superdrug.

The 29-year-old singer reckons her two daughters, Ethel, two, and Marnie Rose, one, influenced her nail collection.

She says: ‘My eldest likes to have her nails painted, only because she sees Mummy getting it done so much. I probably shouldn’t let her, but I feel mean sitting there getting my nails done and knowing it’s the only time she’s got with me before I have to rush off again. We also make fake nails out of Play-Doh.’

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