What better way to celebrate then pimping out your pout!

Happy Nation Lipstick Day! How are you celebrating it? We’re working a bright red lip at our desk right now!

[gif] lipstick.gif

Whether you’re just at home, hanging out in the office or heading out out tonight, don’t leave without your favourite lippy!

We’ve tried and tested a few of these bad boys and here’s a gallery of our favourite lipsticks that are out now.

Lipstick can completely transform your look in a second and it’s great for hiding tired eyes – if you work a bright colour, it completely draws people away from looking at your eyes and they focus on your mouth instead (or so we’ve been told!) which means if you had a few too many last night celebrating Thirsty Thursday and you’re feeling it today, then whack on a lip pronto and you’ll be looking right as rain in a flash!