Girls Aloud star's make-up horror

Poor Nicola Roberts!

We love the fact that she experiments with clothes to find her own style. Plus she’s not afraid to go without fake tan to greet a sea of photographers.

Especially when she was out in support at the launch of Welsh MP Julie Morgan‘s Bill to prevent under 18-year-olds from using sunbeds. A noble cause indeed.

We all know that Nicola isn’t blessed with the best of skins and needs a bit of concealer to cover the everyday spots that – let’s face it – we all have.

But to set it all with heavy dusting of loose powder was a big mistake. Especially as the light conditions also highlighted the blonde hairs under her chin.

Don’t make the same error yourself. Go easy on any concealing that needs to be done.

Apply your favourite concealer and with a powder puff, seal the area with a light dusting of pressed powder.

Don’t use a brush – this will only remove concealer from the affected area and allow the powder to collect on any downy patches on your face.

Nicola Roberts hairy face


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Karen Buglass