Are cornrows the key to Peter Andre's heart?

Peter Andre‘s fiancee Emily
has revealed a brand new hairstyle – and it’s much more interesting than you might expect.

The couple celebrated Emily‘s 25th birthday on a family holiday in Africa and Peter took to Twitter to show a picture of his girl on her big day with a brand new cornrow hairstyle.

Her new hair comes one week after Peter revealed a picture of himself also with braided hair on holiday.

But, we couldn’t help but notice that Peter clearly has a soft spot for women with braids in their hair – his ex-wife Katie Price was also wearing cornrows when they first fell in love back in 2004 in the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

Are cornrows the key to Peter Andre‘s heart? How did we miss that? *slaps forehead in disgust*

While Peter‘s cornrows may have been the result of holiday brain – you know, the same voice that tells you that the carved, brightly-painted coconut would look nice in your front room – let’s take a closer look at Emily and Katie‘s choices.

Emily‘s cornrows are very now – she’s kept it simple, opting for five braids tied up in a pony for a softer, feminine look. It makes for a nice, swim-friendly look that can easily be taken out to reveal beachy waves just in time for a sunset dinner.

They’re the kind of cornrows that say, ‘I’m a good girl who’s far away from home looking for adventure. But not too much adventure because I’m from Somerset.’

On the other hand, Katie Price‘s cornrows mean business. Her decision to rock a whole head of tight braids was, after all, designed to help her survive the I’m A Celebrity jungle. In fact, it may be the most practical hairstyle she’s ever had.

At the time, falling in love with Peter must’ve been a wonderful side effect.

There’s also a certain Bo Derek-quality to her braids. They exude a strong and sexy vibe that says, ‘I could survive in this jungle for the rest of my days and I could also rip your clothes off just by staring at you.’

Wow – we think we understand the attraction now, Peter!

Peter, who has just got back from his holiday with Emily, their baby daugher Amelia and his other two children with Katie Price, Princess, seven, and Junior, nine, revealed this week that he enjoyed his own cornrow look.

He said: ‘I just thought, “Why not?” I only had them in for three or four days and I was gutted when I had to take them out.

‘I know I’m 41 but I’m young at heart. Even the kids and the missus liked them, so that’s good. But Mills wasn’t too sure!’

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