Rock star Courtney looks ghoulish at Milan Fashion Week

Controversial rock star Courtney Love went for a somewhat unique look for the Roberto Cavalli party at Milan Fashion Week.

Courtney arrived at the party wearing ridiculously oversized false eyelashes covered in mascara, caked-on foundation that simply highlighted her flaws and and pink eyeshadow – weirdly applied underneath her eyes!

To make matters worse, the Hole singer added crystal gems to the corners of her eyes, topped off with a beaded headdress that hung right down over her face.

After her recent spat with Lily Allen at the NME Awards, Lily Allen took revenge by posting the pic of Courtney Love on her Twitter page. She later apologised for doing so, saying: ‘Sorry, that was mean… I should never have risen to the bait. Silly Lily.’

But Courtney had already posted a less-than-flattering pic of Lily on her Twitter page and spat back: ‘So keep posting ugly photos of me, Lily – there’s 1000s…’

That’s not something to boast about, Courtney!


Jade Sprowson