Star unveils sexy fragrance in Florida

Pamela Anderson launched her new fragrance in Florida yesterday.

The Baywatch babe released her debut scent Malibu in Ft Lauderdale.

Dennis Rodman and Richie Rich were among the stars who helpe Pam to celebrate.

‘I’ve been making many of my own products for years, layering coconut body wash with thick sandalwood/patchouli body butters, amber oils, bath products and essential oils,’ says the actress.

‘So what I set out to do was create a fun, sexy fragrance that really captured the beach with soft, gentle touches in a way that lingers.’

Pam decided to launch two varieties of her creation: Malibu and Malibu Night

Malibu  is  for  flirtatious  days,  and  is  a  great  combination  of  wild  berries,  florals  and  vanilla,’ she explains. 

Malibu Night combines pomegranate,  black  orchid  and  fresh  vanilla  violet  aromas  that  really  create  a  sensual  scent.’

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Lorraine Crowther