The star thinks it could be time for a change...

Like biblical muscle man Samson, much of Pete Wicks’ power lies in his hair. And by ‘power’ we mean ‘ability to make us feel all funny inside.’

But now the TOWIE star’s luscious locks are under threat, as Pete has revealed he’s thinking about taking a razor to his head and shaving it – noooo!

Sexy Pete – who is currently single after a *very*emotional split from TOWIE girlfriend Megan McKenna – confessed he only grew his hair after getting ribbed about going bald.

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‘I used to have a skinhead, and with the tats, it was a Wentworth Miller from Prison Break vibe,’ he told Reveal. ‘Then everyone told me I was going bald, so I started growing my hair to prove a point, but I just got carried away with it!’

He went on to reveal that a few grey hairs have caused him to consider going back to his shaved look, saying: ‘I’m 30 in 18 months, and maybe then I should shave it off. I’m starting to go grey and I don’t want to look like the Gandalf of Essex.’

Unless you start walking around in a grey cape and carrying a staff, we don’t think there’s any danger of that Pete!

We can only imagine how heartbroken a buzzcut would leave Pete’s army of fans, considering that they pay homage to his hair on social media on a daily basis…

However, in news that we can get on board with, Pete pledged that if he does say so long to his man bun, he’ll do it for a good cause.

‘When I do get rid of it, I’ll do it to raise money for charity like Mario [Falcone] did,’ he said.

Which would be nice and all, but we’d really miss that mane. Don’t do it, Pete!

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