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National Kissing Day is on 6 July, which means we finally have an excuse to smooch all our favourite people!

In an age where the closest we get to kissing our friends is those little x’s we add to the end of every text, National Kissing Day – or World Kissing Day – encourages people to enjoy at least one real kiss. 

It doesn’t matter who you pucker up for, whether it’s your pet pooch, your parents or a hot co-worker.

Just plant a kiss on the lucky recipients and tot up your score at the end of the

The more kisses you can manage, the better you’ll feel – according to a number of studies.

So you can realise your dreams and lock lips with the hunky guy you’ve been secretly crushing on all under the guise of doing your bit for National Kissing Day.

Sounds good to us!

To celebrate National Kissing Day this year, Wilkinson Sword is giving away 15,000 personalised razors. Join Wilkinson Sword on Facebook to be in with a chance to win one.

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