Now weddings is here to hold your hand to make your ride-to-bride as easy as possible. This week we’ve got a real-life bride talking to us about how hair extensions saved her wedding day.

Every girl wants to feel and look fabulous on her big day, but when you suffer from alopecia, like 37-year-old Julia Jolley, it can be hard to imagine feeling like the princess you deserve to be on your wedding day.

That is until Lucinda Ellery, hair loss expert, stepped in and saved the day in September 2008!
Here’s Julia to tell us more:

Can you tell us a bit about your past with alopecia?
I noticed my hair was thinning out in my late teens. I went and saw a GP and they just said, ‘nothing can be done. You will slowly go almost bald and by the time you are in your 30s, will want to wear a wig.’

How did you feel about your lack of options?
I felt absolutely awful. I think as a girl your hair is so much a part of your femininity. I thought no one was ever going to find me attractive and was never going to meet the one and get married.

When you got engaged, did you think about your hair being a problem on the day?
I was thinking that I would have a large headdress to cover as much of my hair. I knew that I would feel self-conscious on the day worrying if it’s windy and your hair blows the wrong way and it looks really thin.

How did you come across Lucinda Ellery and her Intralace system (hair replacement prosthesis)?
My boyfriend was just doing his own research to see if he could come across (I didn’t marry him for no reason!). He pulled up this website and I looked at it and was quite skeptical because it was too good to be true. Then I saw the online testimonials. All of the things I’d worried about a wig like it falling off or looking really unnatural was all dealt with by the fact that it was plaited into your hair and fixed in. I was really amazed and we booked an appointment in with Lucinda Ellery.

Did you have any ideas of what kind of style you wanted?
A few months before the wedding, when I was still just gathering ideas, I went to see Lucinda Ellery and she talked me through what we would be able to do and that completely blew my mind because I’d had to bear so much in mind. She pulled up all of these pictures I just thought I couldn’t possibly look like that. One of the main pictures that she pulled out I think was Heidi from Sugababes, and they actually made my hair look like that. So from then I really changed the way I thought about how I wanted my hair for the wedding.

Planning a wedding can be stressful – did having the extensions helped take one worry off your mind?
It was less stressful because I had this lovely new hair that was exciting and I felt much more confident and felt I looked better, I felt much more happy about trying on dresses. I felt more attractive and confident.

What about the day itself? Do you think you would’ve looked back on your wedding day photos differently if you hadn’t had the extensions?
Definitely. I would have been scrutinizing them for where you could see my scalp and would have looked at all of the photos in that context. And I didn’t at all. I just look at them and enjoy the happy memories and think ‘I actually look nice’!

Have you continued with the extensions?
I’ve still got the extensions in; I’ve had two different sets in now as they last two years. I’ve gone brunette – had a change!

Find out more about Lucinda Ellery extensions here:

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