Cara Delevingne’s ‘wifey’ Rita Ora has ditched the brows but what does it all mean!?

Rita Ora debuted a disconcerting new look on Monday night, daring to either bare or bleach her celebrity eyebrows.

We’d never really noticed quite how prominent they were, until they were gone.

Cara Delevingne‘s devoted ‘wifey’ might well have built her friendship with the model on their mutual appreciation of big ‘n’ bushy pencilled-in brows, so Cara‘s going to be just as perplexed as us.

Indeed heavy-duty brows are BIG business in the beauty world this season – which makes Rita‘s new look even more surprising.

The V.I.P. singer debuted her barely-there brows for a date night with her non-‘wifey’ (and new boyfriend) Calvin Harris at Daft Punk‘s album launch.

Which is almost as shocking as the whole-bleached-eyebrows thing.

Is this the start of the BIG brow backlash?

We’ll just have to watch this space (well, that and Cara Delevingne‘s own eyebrows) for confirmation.


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