Jen's favourite lifting moisturiser is set to hit the UK

Famous for her fabulous hair, envied for her gorgeous body and loved for her laidback LA make-up, Jennifer Aniston always looks groomed and glowing with sexy golden skin.

So what’s the secret of Jen‘s flawless, line-free complexion? It’s Dr Kadir skincare.

The Bounty Hunter actress loves Dr Kadir Apple Lift Moisturiser, £62, a serum that contains natural amino acids and vitamins to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Other celebrity fans include Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria and Sex And The City star Kristin Davis.

To get Jennifer‘s satin soft skin, try Dr Kadir Matrix Gold Mask, £110, which boosts the body’s natural collagen production to fight the signs of ageing. We hear it sold out in minutes in the US, so start saving up now!

The Dr Kadir range is already a favourite among US celebrities – and it’s finally coming to the UK, available to buy online from February.

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