Get ready for the new beauty ideas you’ll be trying out this year

We saw quite a few weird and wonderful beauty trends in 2016 and Pinterest always gives us the heads up for the year to come too.

Looking back over the year; we had rainbow hair, blue eyeliner was seen back on the catwalks and pretty pastel eyes, which was a fave of the celebs on the red carpet. There was of course, the slightly weirder trends and especially ones for the nails like 100 layers and, err, furry nails?! Not forgetting the penis eyeliner!

So about 2017 – we’re hoping those weird ones will be left in the past and only Insagramable styles will be the way forward in 2017.

  1. No-heat hair – put down your hairdryer and leave your straightners alone! We’re all about the air-drying this year. Not only is this better for your hair but means you’ll be hopefully left with those soft waves you’ve always dreamt of.
  2. Chrome nails – have you ever seen a video on these? If not, we strongly sugest you do so. It’s fascinating. We can’t stop watching! Just look at that mirror finish and ultimate shine!
  3. Braided top knot – if you’re one of those mega babes that can braid your hair in a flash then we salute you! We wish we could too seeing as braids are bigger than ever this year. Add a variation to your normal topknot and pop in a braid too.
  4. Ash Balayage – We’re obsessed with the balayage technique and could watch videos on Instagram for hours of hair transformations. For 2017, it’s all about the ash tones in your hair and we love it!
  5. Charcoal masks – Yes. Forget ‘FOMO’, we’re all about the ‘JOMO’ this year and staying in really is the new going out! We’re all about staying in, getting a pizza and putting on a facemask with your girls watching a movie! Who’s with us!?
  6. Cut crease eyeshadow – It’s basically contouring for the eyes and an eye-defining technique that pros have been doing for years. It’s also huge with beauty bloggers and vloggers.
  7. Microblading – it’s a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that fills in the sparse areas with incredible natural results. It’s not a cheap procedure BUT the results are amazing!
  8. Lip and cheek stains – Yes, remember that cult multi-purpose stain from Benefit? Well get ready because lip and cheek stains are making a come back and we’re actually quite excited!
  9. Head Scarves – perfect for the lazy hair girl that wants to hide that she hasn’t washed it for a few days!
  10. Jojoba oil – This essential oil has been around for years but now, it’s better than ever! Move over olive oil, we’ll be applying this in our hair and skin from now on!

Head to our Pinterest board to see all the how to’s!