#10Things to do while the football World Cup is on

Now‘s shopping editor Gilly Ferguson talks through 10 fashion and beauty things you can do while your man is watching the World Cup.

But while we all like snuggling on the sofa with our other half, there’s nothing worse than sitting with him as he cheers on the England team.

‘If you’re feeling particularly energetic, why not take up the squat challenge that loads of celebs are doing at the moment, including Caroline Flack who has a great bottom, let’s be honest,’ recommends Gilly.

If exercising isn’t your thing then there’s no harm in spending the full 90 minutes getting pampered.

Fake Bake will send an elite tanner to your house complete with a pop-up tent to give you a fake tan that takes between 10 and 15 minutes,’ says Gilly.

‘They can also put the pop-up tent in your living room, but if he’s watching the football while you’re having your tan done, don’t be offended if he doesn’t look up when you run around the house in your paper knickers. I’ve been there. They don’t.’   

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