GlamCam: Master the one-minute WEDDING mani! Rimmel London Nail Expert Adam Slee shows us how... #60SecondStyleChallenge

Whether you’re going to a wedding this summer or you’re getting wed – prepping for that all-important occasion can be a ruddy nightmare (and a dream, if your future husband’s reading this…)

Which is why Now‘s resident brides [Content Director Sally Eyden; Style Content Director Gilly Ferguson and Acting Assistant Content Editor Lydia Southern] are launching their ‘Bride Confessions: 9 Things I Wish I’d Known About… ‘ wedding vlogs.

From finding The One dress (ATTN: there is no such thing); to managing your family; those tricky bridesmaids; your weight – and everything else in-between – Now HQ is on-hand to take the stress out of dressing for weddings.

Simply think of us as your very own pocket Frank Eggelhoffer from Father of The Bride, only actually useful.

DO: Like, share and pass on to any budding brides or bridesmaids. Hell, why not forward on to ‘that’ family member who could probz just do with a heavy hint…!

Yes siree, Now is here to cut the crap out of wedmin. And first up, can we PLEASE ban the word wedmin!? Here to answer your every wedding whim, we aim to help YOU make your ride-to-bride a smooth one.

Because all those swanky wedding mags are great, but IRL? Yeah, in real-life they look LOVELY parked on your coffee table – whilst you actually scour the internet for realistic #feelgood alternatives.

Which is where Now HQ comes in! So kick back, relax and rest assured that we are here to help you sort a celebrity-style wedding – but on a civilian’s budget – oh, and help you look damn hot too.

DO: Check out Now‘s BRIDAL BONANZA bumper issue in mag – out on April 14th – then hit us up here every #WedsDay for our real-world Bride Confessions.

Fancy a sneak peek? Check out Rimmel London’s teaser video below.

WATCH: THE ONE-MINUTE MARITAL MANI! Where Rimmel London Nail Expert (and all-round hot clever clogs) Adam Slee shows us how to nail a wedding mani, in only 60 Seconds…

Want more? Adam spills his ‘you-won’t-know-how-you-got-wed-without-them’ nail tips in one of Now’s ‘9 Things I Wish I’d Known About…’ wedding vlogs, coming soon…

Gilly Ferguson