When should I apply sunscreen? How much do I need? Is my newborn at risk?! Don’t panic, our suncare experts have all your SPF needs covered...

Knowing which factor sunscreen to use can be a battlefield at best, whether you’re a newbie mum or mum to a whole army of little peoples.

… Which is where Superdrug and Now come in!

Superdrug Solait’s Product Technologist Jenna and Now’s Digital Editor (and mum) Victoria Kennedy sat down to tackle all your SPF-based questions – from the everyday ones, to the ‘why-did-I-not-think-of-that?’ ones too!

Frankly, protecting your little ones has never been easier, or more affordable. Just take this must-try product: £9.99 Solait Kids Trigger SPF 50 spray as case in point.

So, whether you’re off on holiday somewhere hot or enjoying your first family staycation – Jenna and Vic have all your SPF needs covered. Mum to one – with baby number two on the way – Victoria has asked the questions that worry her when it comes to getting sunscreen on a wriggly toddler, with tips that work as well for adults too.

Got anything you’re gagging to ask? Have a watch of their TOP sunscreen tips in the handy video above and the ladies should have it covered.

VLOG: Mums! You’re applying SPF all wrong…

Now’s Victoria and Solait’s Jenna share their tips – including:

  1. My child is a wriggler, what do I doooo!? And what product should I buy?
  2. How do you apply SPF on toddlers?
  3. When do I apply it for optimum protection?
  4. What factor should I use?
  5. How much should I use?
  6. And how often!?
  7. How do you protect newborns? Are pregnant women at more risk too?
  8. What are your tips for soothing sunburn? How often?
  9. Does suncare need to be expensive? Honestly?

PLUS watch the video for Jenna’s *Bonus Tip*

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