'Millie Mackintosh is complicated; Kate Middleton is moody…' WATCH Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue analysis some famous fingers!

Made In Chelsea stylish sort Rosie Fortescue invited Now’s Style Content Director @GillyFerg to talk all things NAIL!

It coincides with the launch of her debut nail range, Nailed London – which Now has been giving a whirl since our meet. We can confirm Nailed London IS perfect for busy girls, new mums or just about anyone who loves giving great nail on the go. And at £7 it’s way more affordable!’ chirps Rosie.



Promising all the plus points of an in-salon manicure, minus the Chelsea price tag or hassle of having to actually leave your sofa – it’s pretty exciting stuff for people with nails.

But should Rosie Fortescue be crowned the UK’s celebrity Queen of Nails? Do you just want to see what casa del Fortescue looks like? Or can YOU match the celebs mood to their mani?

Have a WATCH of the – suitably nail biting – game above. As Rosie rates and slates some celebrity fingertips, and says some ruddy hilarious things along the way.

Then maybe take a look at your own nails, and think: What do your nails say about YOU? *Now looks down at keyboard, realises our nails look rubbish, then has a serious word with oneself* Gah! Rosie! SOS! A bottle of your finest over to Now HQ! Stat! (Please)…

Who did she say this about?

This is someone who’s lost a nail, it’s a shame about that stub but LOOK at the engagement ring!

Now’s @GillyFerg: ‘It’s…’

Rosie: ‘NO! STOP! I’m shocked! She doesn’t even have a clear colour on the rest of her nails, but f**k her ring is AMAZING! It’s as thick as her finger!’

Oh, and Millie Mackintosh? Rosie The foot-whisperer Fortescue is a VERY good friend! If you’ve watched the above you’ll have also found out:


‘The best thing about nail colour is that you can match it to your mood…’

GOOD MOOD! ‘If I wake up tired and the weather’s rubbish, I wear Liquid Lunch. It reminds me of summer and lifts my mood instantly.’

ANGSTY ‘If I know I’m going to run into an ex and want to feel feisty, strong and empowered than Thigh High Club is my go-to nail colour.’

PEACEFUL ‘This nude is perfect – neither too grey, nor too brown – and fresh enough for a relaxing, chilled Sunday afternoon.’

Gilly Ferguson