Love looking at celebrities changing faces? Check out Michelle Keegan from 2008 to now

Why are we so fascinated with celebrities? Is it the money they earn? Their private lives or the fact that they might just be like us? Whatever it is, we can’t stop looking at how much they’ve changed over the years and Michelle Keegan is no exception.

OK, so she’s grown up in the public eye so of course she’s going to have changed over the years but we can’t even recognize her in some of these pics…

Michelle didn’t have time to get her hair and makeup done before appearing on ‘Good Morning Britain’ due to traffic. But she still looked amazing even with dry shampoo streaked through her hair and a dodgy coloured foundation! Although it was quite a different look from the one we’re used to seeing a few months before…


Here at The ITV Gala she was wearing her trademark false lashes, rosy cheeks and her hair was of course big and bouncy, no wonder she’s an ambassador for beauty brand Revlon. She also went through her blonde phase, especially for TV show ‘Tina and Bobby’ where she plays wife of footballer Bobby Moore and surprise surprise looks great too!


Now check out Michelle’s changing look from 2008 to now, which is your fave look?