We've only just become adjusted to Kylie Jenner's bleach blonde hair and now she's switched it up again! She still looks as good as ever with green locks - but which other celebs have rocked (or flopped) by going green?


It looks like Kylie Jenner has had another change of heart when it comes to her hair – the reality TV star has made a bold statement and gone green! She follows in the footsteps of many other famous faces who have also taken the plunge and hopped on the green-hair bandwagon.

Kylie manages to look like a cross between a spiritual hippy chick and a glamarous mermaid with her green hair – so it seems all her fellow emerald-coloured celebs have some serious competition!

Lena Dunham

The American actress already has a fairly edgy side to her appearance – so it was no surprise when she showed up to her ‘Not That Kind Of Girl‘ book signing with grass-coloured hair. She isn’t one to follow the rules – and why should she? She looked extremely cool with green hair and most definitely pulled it off.

Nicole Richie

She was the star of ‘The Simple Life‘ and is now married to Good Charlotte band member Joel Madden – so green hair isn’t exactly out of the question when your husband is considered a rock legend. However, instead of going in-your-face green, Nicole was more subtle about it. She had some green undertones blended with her shiny black colour – and it looked fabulous!


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Hilary Duff

Hilary always seemed a little too prim and proper to rock a crazy hair colour. She is the star of all our favourite teen rom-coms, so we’re used to seeing her with her sweet, bright blonde head of hair. When she went green, she showed us an entirely different side to herself. She went from innocent, blonde teen princess to wild, off-the-wall beauty queen!

Miley Cyrus

Nothing Miley does shocks us whatsoever anymore. So when she made the jump to green hair no one batted an eyelid. Because no matter what hair colour the outrageous singer has, nothing quite beats straddling giant hot dogs on stage, bad-mouthing Nicki Minaj at award shows or twerking on Robin Thicke wearing nude latex panties, does it?

Jared Leto

Jared looked smoking hot with his luschious Jesus-like hair when he won his Oscar in 2014 for Dallas Buyers Club, so when he went public with neon-green short hair a little part of us died inside. Thankfully, he only had his hair this way for the highly anticipated Batman film ‘Suicide Squad’ where he plays the joker, and as soon as filming was finished he cut it all off. Phew!


Ke$ha has managed to wear more colours in her hair than anyone – ever! So how does she manage to always pull it off? Even with sickly-coloured green hair, she looks utterly cool and we all want her in our gang.

Chris Brown

Let’s face it – Chris Brown could have no hair at all and still be swooned over by millions of fans. In fact, he could be wearing a bin bag, socks with sandals and speedos; yet still have a swarm of screaming girls following his every move. So green hair or not – he doesn’t have anything to worry about!

Alice Murray