HAIR HORRORS! Why we're begging Joey Essex, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harry Styles and David Beckham to #BanTheBun


TOWIE fans may argue that Mr Joey Essex puts the ‘sex’ into, er, Essex. Not today though, right TOWIE fans? No. Today something went awry.

At first it looked like Joey was in London to promote a new store opening at Waterloo, with Sam Faiers.

In reality? Today was the day – Wednesday 24th September – that Joey Essex tried his hand (and his hairs) at a new hair trend. A new hair trend that HAS PLOPPED ITSELF ATOP THE HEADS OF HOLLYWOOD’S HOTTEST MEN – AND IS COMING INBETWEEN US AND OUR LUSTINGS.


Yes, the Man Bun has struck, and it’s not the first time. Like a car-bun-cle on the Sistine Chapel – the Man Bun is one celebrity hair phenomenon that needs be flattened, stamped on, squashed, and then scribbled out like it NEVER EVEN HAPPENED.

DEAR JOEY, the general Rule of Bun is this. Buns should only be seen on:

1] Jessica Alba, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian… OK, fine, women. We call them top knots, it’s waaay cooler like that.

2] The Great British Bake Off, otherwise known as the Great British Bun Off, if it’s ‘bun week’. FYI Mary Berry gives great bun.

3] Harper Beckham. Harper Beckbun is the queen of buns. At just three years old, this is pretty impressive stuff. Top tot, top top knot.

4] IN the oven. Both in the foodie way…

5] …Or in the Kate Middleton‘s pregnant tum kinda way.

6] On our plates. We’re getting serious bun cravings over here.

7] Nope. That’s it. At a push we may let Made In Chelsea’s Oliver Proudlock off. We’d very much like to pinch his bun.

Which is where Now’s #BanTheBun campaign comes in.

Harry Styles, Leonardo DiCaprio, Antonio Bun-deras, Orlando Bloom, David Beckham… They’ve all championed the itty bitty bun. Hell, Bradley Cooper’s so keen, he’s worn TWO AT ONCE. Crazy Cooper.

Do you rate or hate Man Buns? Take a look at the worst celebrity Muns of all time, above.

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Sam Faiers confirms her and Joey Essex are back together! *screams*

And here’s some celebrity hair that we DO like

Gilly Ferguson