She’s got the glossiest barnet in the biz and can create a celeb worthy up-do in 5 minutes flat. Ella Henderson is our kind of celebrity hair stylist!

She’s supporting Take That on their Euopean tour, she’s provided the vocals for the new single of drum and bass duo Sigma (they’ve worked with everyone from Paloma Faith to Ellie Goulding) and now she’s been announced as the new face of Batiste’s new Ready For It campaign. 2015 is most definitely Ella Henderson‘s year!

We here at Now have always admired Ella’s barnet. We’ve spent hours trying to recreate her tumbling waves, epic volume and glossy yet un-done finish. But we’re sad to say, we’ve never achieved it. UNTIL NOW.

To celebrate the launch of her new Batiste range, we set Ella a grulleing challenge: To create a her favourite hair do – the Brigitte Bardot beehive – in just 60 seconds.

Did she mange it? You bet!

Read on for Ella’s 6 step tips and check out her must have hair kit. Henderson’s hair is ours at last, hurrah!

Step 1: The proof is in the bouff!

‘Separate your hair into 2cm sections, lift each section of hair up to the ceiling then spray generous amounts of Batiste Dry Shampoo underneath the top layer of hair at the roots.’

 Step 2: Backcomb bombshell

‘Starting from the middle of each section, backcomb your hair with a soft bristle brush, working your way down the length of your hair. Ensure the top of the chunk of hair remains smooth, and that you’re only backcombing the under side of each section. Carefully smooth out the top layer of hair so that the top layer is resting smoothly on all of the tangles.’

Step 3: Parting words

‘Using the pointy end of your back comb brush, create a side parting and then separate the top third of your hair. With your hands, gently pull your hair into half-up, half-down hairstyle.’

Step 4: Bobby pins are your friend!

‘Pin into place by push bobby pins in upwards at a 45 degree angle at the back of your head. The side strands above your ears that fall loose can be pinned separately once this top piece is secured.’

Step 5: Twist & shout

‘Gather up the remaining hair and spritz with Batiste Dry Shampoo to catch all the wisps at the nape of your neck. Lift them up, and twist them all together (like you’re twisting a towel over your hair after a shower). Tuck the tips underneath the twist and secure with bobby pins.’

Step 6: Finishing touches

‘When secured, give your hair an extra spritz then use the tips of your fingers to add a little more volume. Finish with hair spray, and ta-dah! Brigitte Bardot would be proud!’

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Hannah Eichler