The X Factor judge fesses up her worst hair don'ts


Cheryl Cole has her locks licked, what with her lucrative shampoo contract for L’Oreal Elvive an’ all.

But the style icon recalls some very bad hair days before she became the nation’s darling.

‘I used to think you could wash your hair with a bar of soap!’ admits Cheryl.

‘Then there was the time I was overweight and I cut it short. It made my face look moon-like.’

Cheryl reckons she’s learnt a lot about what kind of hairstyle flatters her most.

‘At one point, I would’ve worn a poloneck with my hair down although it kind of squashes our face,’ she says, ‘it looks like you’ve got no neck!

‘So I’ve learnt that you need to pull your hair up to give yourself that bit of height.’

We definitely think you’re worth it, Cheryl!

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Alison Tay