We show you how your favourite Made In Chelsea toffs get their coiffs so big and bouncy...

Binky FelsteadLouise ThompsonLucy Watson, Fran Newman-YoungCheska Hull… what do they all have in common? Not just a postcode. Oh no.

The Made In Chelsea all have exceptionally voluminous barnets that they can’t just thank their hair-itage for (arf). Truth be told, they’ve all had extensions.

The latest MIC-ers to get a little assistance are Louise and Fran who our sources have revealed have had Kapello Hair Extensions fitted at the Eroll Douglas salon in, where else? – Knightsbridge in London, natch. Louise‘s are clip-ins, while Fran‘s opted for revolutionary permanent Kapello Pre-Tapes.

The hottest thing in hair right now, unlike micro-rings or keratin bonds which take half a day to apply, Pre-Tapes are glued in and ready to style in 40 minutes, tops. That’s less time than it takes for a cocktail fuelled catfight to kick off on the show.

Like inch long pieces of Sellotape with hair attached to one side, your own hair is sandwiched between two taped sections. And that’s it!

Assistant Editor (lifestyle), Jess Spiring who trialled them for Now says: ‘I’m so impatient I’ve never even considered having extensions. All that sitting about. No thanks. But these pre-tapes really are rapido. I was in and out in 30 minutes.

‘And I can’t get over how incredible they look. Olja who fitted mine used four different colours to match my highlighted natural hair, and you really couldn’t tell what was mine and what wasn’t once they were in.

‘They’re real human hair too, so you can shampoo and condition as normal. The only downsides are that they’re quite hot and heavy at first, and you’ll never be content with the volume of your own mane ever again.

‘But I reckon it’s TOTALLY worth it for swishy, thick, bouncy, loonnnggggg King’s Road ready coiff. Now what do I do with my eyes again?’

Kapello Hair
Pre-Tapes come in 14 shades and up to 20inch lengths available. If you’re
careful with them, they can last for around eight months with regular maintence and can be re-taped. Prices start from £200. Just visit www.kapellohair.co.uk to find a salon near you.