Celebrity trichologist Philip Kingsley shares his hair tips for mums-to-be like Fearne Cotton

We’ve got good news for hair chameleon and mum-to-be Fearne Cotton.

Fearne – who’s just announced that she and boyfriend Jesse Wood are expecting their first baby – has been blonde, brunette, red and pink in the past.

So she’ll be pleased to know that celebrity trichologist Philip Kingsley doesn’t see a problem with colouring your hair while pregnant.

‘There’s no conclusive scientific reason not to continue hair colour during pregnancy,’ says Philip. ‘But I’d recommend going easy on the brush and not overdrying your hair.

‘Pregnancy is a rather good time to experiment
with your hair – straighten it, colour it or bleach it if you want and use whatever styling products make you happy.’

Philip, whose celebrity clients include Cate Blanchett and Lisa Snowdon, believes it’s important to nourish your hair by eating regularly.

‘Many women notice a miraculous change in their hair after the first three or four months of their pregnancy.The last three months in particular should be very good for the hair.

‘A growing foetus uses a huge amount of energy, so I recommend following the four hour nutrition rule – have a snack of a piece of fruit if you leave more than four hours between meals or your hair may suffer.’

Once Fearne has her baby, though, she may be susceptible to post-pregnancy hair loss.

Philip explains: ‘Post-partum hair loss occurs in 50% of women after having a baby. It usually begins about eight weeks after and can last until the seventh month. It can be frightening, but it will stop and the hair will grow back.

‘The reason is that oestrogens (female hormones) increase during pregnancy. After having the baby, the hormones revert to normal and the hair that would naturally have fallen out during pregnancy comes out all at once.

‘Because it’s due to hormonal changes, it’s not possible to stop it – but you can encourage faster regrowth by massaging the scalp every morning for one or two minutes before shampooing.

‘Applying Philip Kingsley Stimulating Scalp Mask [£5.25] too, will help even more.’

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Alison Tay