Our hearts are broken - Jedward have gone and got different haircuts. But fear not! We've revisiting the good old days of their matching 'dos with a lovely picture gallery...

If we had to list all the things we love about Jedward, we’d be here all day. There’s just so much we could say!

Their lilting Irish accents. Their wacky but wonderful dress sense. The time they did Oops! I Did It Again on The X Factor (specifically the talking bit – ‘But I thought the old lady drop it into the ocean at the end?’ ‘Well Edward, I went down and got it for you.’ GENIUS).

And pretty high on that list was their often gravity-defying his ‘n’ his haircuts. But alas! They are no more! Because they’ve only gone and got NON-MATCHING HAIRSTYLES. We die.

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You can see their new non-identical ‘dos pictured above. John is sporting an impressive wave of hair, whilst twin brother Edward has gone for more of a stylish sweep-over. Take a moment to process if you need to – we certainly did.

The boys have been showing off their new looks on Instagram – in addition to the picture above, another snap sees the lads happily chowing down on some ice cream, whilst a third seesJohn sporting some rather chunky sideburns in addition to his awe-inspiring crest.

And, whilst our hearts are breaking for the loss of the pair’s matching ‘dos, at least there’s one good thing to come out of Jedward’s Hair 2.0 – it’s *much* easier to tell which one’s which!

But still, we’ll never forget the good times. From when they first appeared on The X Factor sporting spiky, Busted-esque barnets to the dizzying heights their waxed-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life locks went on to reach – via experiments with side-sweeps, flat ‘dos and what we like to call The Wave – we’ve revisited the best of Jedward’s hair history in the gallery above.

Think of it as an ode to their incredible hairstyles of old. And, most of all, ENJOY.