OMG! Lindsay Lohan’s taken the bull by the horns for her super-shiny hair

Just when you thought she couldn’t get more bizarre, Lindsay Lohan, 27, has reached a new, sticky, low.

She’s the first high-profile celeb to try a beauty treatment that promises to make your hair super-shiny: bull semen.

Yes, you read that right. Li-Lo, had the new treatment at an LA salon before coming to London after a friend’ bought it as a gift.

It costs around £100 a go and is meant to give you stronger, bouncier hair (although it could just be a load of bull. Ahem!).

Lindsay shocked partygoers by admitting she’d tried the bull semen hair treatment,’ a source close to the star tells us.

She was given it as a jokey gift voucher, but had it done anyway. She said they call it “Viagra for hair”.

Lindsay‘s a really good sport, so you can imagine her doing something like that for a laugh.’

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