Pippa copies her sister Kate Middleton's famous demi-chignon hairdo

While pregnant Kate Middleton‘s taking time out from her official royal duties, her sister Pippa‘s cranking her PR profile up a gear for the launch of her book in the Netherlands, borrowing the Duchess of Cambridge’s go-to hair look in the process.

Kate‘s hairdresser Richard Ward tells Now: ‘The demi-chignon is a take on the classic half up-half down.

you have thick, coarse hair then I’d suggest you blow-dry smooth using a
real bristle radial brush first and then set in Velcro Rollers.’

Now recommends Hair Tools Large Velcro Rollers £4.57 for 12.

‘Once removed take random sections and tong into soft curls,’ says Richard.

‘For finer hair, you may want to cheat a little bit and add real hair
wefts to create more body – real hair wefts will enable you to style the hair like your own too.

‘It works better with longer layers so you can get a neater
finish without any hair falling into the face.

‘Once you have
created the foundation, take sections on each side of the front and
gently twist. Secure the back with discreet pins.

‘Gently back comb the
crown area so you create a soft, low, beehive effect, then sweep the
sides across and secure with pins.’

For an appointment at the Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, call 020 7730 1222 or visit richardward.com.

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