Dallas is updated for a new generation but the soap sticks to its glossy roots

Original US glossy soap Dallas – which ran from 1978 to 1991 – is set for a 2012 update and we can hardly wait.

With the cast’s shiny hair, over-the-top fashions and family feuds, it’ll make TOWIE look like Downton Abbey.

Original star Linda Gray is set to make a glamorous return, as will her big backcombed ’do hairsprayed to within an inch of its life.

Bouffant hair is back and no matter how many passionate embraces or fights there are, it won’t move a strand.

Along with Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman, Linda, who played Sue Ellen Ewing, will reprise her role in the new show – with the storyline focusing on her and JR’s son John Ross Ewing III and his cousin Christopher Ewing, Bobby’s son.

Dallas starts in September on Channel 5 – get those heated rollers plugged in now, girls.

Bonita Turner