Actress has a two-tone blonde and brown layers with red streaks

Vanessa Hudgens has a new hairdo and she’s pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The actress, 24 – who first revealed a multi-tonal style for autumn on Tuesday – has shared another photo of her beautiful barnet with fans.

New hair selfieeee,’ she tells her Twitter followers alongside a sultry snap of herself pouting with sexy plum lips and voluminous curls.

Vanessa loves to look feminine and didn’t like hacking off her long locks to play troubled teen Agnes ‘Apple’ Bailey in 2011 film Gimme Shelter

‘I play this girl, who’s like homeless and she doesn’t care about her
look very much,’ Vanessa said at the time.

‘I kind of look like a boy throughout the whole movie. I’m still getting used to it.’

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Beth Shearing