As Victoria Beckham knows (and David proves), grey hair can be seriously sexy

Victoria Beckham is the envy of women everywhere for getting to share a bed with gorgeous hubby David and time doesn’t seem to be denting her man’s hotness.

The former footballer has started going GREY but Victoria still thinks he looks pretty gorgeous – and so do we! Posh Spice, 40, shared a snap of the silvery tresses in 39-year-old David‘s beard on Instagram this week and wrote: ‘#silverfox x vb’

We couldn’t agree with you more, Victoria! With his tattooed arms on show and a chic pair of Aviator sunglasses covering his eyes, David looks as gorgeous as ever.

Here at Now we love a silver fox and, with David joining the club, we decided to share some of our other favourite grey-haired hotties, starting with the ultimate…

George Clooney

A list of silver foxes with no George Clooney is just plain wrong, so here he is. George, 53, first started showing signs of greying locks in the early 2000s and has been working it ever since.

Martin Kemp

Spandau Ballet star Martin, 53, was always a bit of a hottie but we were VERY impressed when he ditched the hair dye in favour of his natural silvery mane last year. Cue immediate admission to the silver fox club.

Matt LeBlanc

Throughout the 10 years he played Joey Tribbiani in Friends, 47-year-old Matt coloured his hair as he was already going grey. We’re very much in favour of his new look though.

Eric Dane

Grey’s Anatomy fans will be familiar with the wonder that is Eric Dane. Grey-haired Eric played Grey’s hottie (see what we did there?) Dr Mark Sloan, better known as McSteamy, for six years before his character was killed off. Fans have missed Eric, 42, and his silver fox locks ever since.

John Slattery

Another greying star of TV who became a heartthrob, 52-year-old John has gained lots of admirers through playing Roger Sterling in Mad Men. We first spotted John‘s silver fox potential when he played Carrie‘s politician boyfriend in two episodes of Sex And The City, but for the record he’s not happy with that term.

‘I hate Silver Fox. I absolutely hate it,’ he revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair. ‘[It sounds] so slimy and embarrassing.’ Oops, sorry John.

Phillip Schofield

Our Schofe is a bit of a hit with female viewers of This Morning. Ever since he let his locks go grey in the early 2000s, Phillip has become a bona fide silver fox. The 53-year-old presenter has fans of all ages too – even Zoella Tweeted that he was one of her ‘favourites’ recently.

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