Hey busy girl! Want to know how to get dream holiday hair in 3 minutes flat? Made In Chelsea’s Jess Woodley is here to show you how

Are YOU jetting off to St Barts, darrrrlink? Perhaps you’re scampering off to Skegness? One thing is for sure this summer though… Everyone longs for dream holiday hair, right?!

Well you’re in luck! Now HQ caught up with Made In Chelsea fitty Jessica Woodley – plus brilliant celebrity hair stylist Jo Adams – to bring YOU their top 7 easy-peasy style tips for effortless summer holiday hair.

From the #60Second new beach braid – aka The Rope – that’ll bag you extra kudos on Instagram, to the bargainous £2.99 Superdrug Salt Spray that’ll change your life – Jess and Jo have your summer hairstyle, sorted.

They’ve got super-chic styles that guarantee to protect your scalp, SPF and salt spray tricks that’ll make sure you’re selfie-ready as well as the type of hair brush that’ll keep your tresses in check – and protected – all summer long. Because if there’s one thing we love more than Instagram-worthy high fash holiday hair, it’s Instagram-worthy high fash holiday hair that costs next to nothing, and involves minimal effort whatsover! What’s cooler than that, right?

Have a watch of their video guide above, then get packing… that braggy Facebook ‘Look! I’m on HOLIDAY! And I look fabulous!’ post awaits you…

Their TOP TIPS include:

  1. How to use SPF heat protector spray…
  1. Why THIS salt spray will change your life (read: hair) for the better
  1. You NEED to protect your scalp! Now <3s £8.99 Solait Head & Hair Prot SPF30
  1. Why you should say YES to argan oil!
  1. Move over blah bands – this hair band is a game changer! £1.99 Superdrug Spiral hairbands
  1. … DO invest in a natural bristle brush, recommends celebrity make-up artist Jo Adams
  1. And finally, blag a low maintenance easy-peasy beach ‘rope’ braid… WATCH Jess and Jo’s video guide to see how!

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Happy holidays! #SmartGirlsFakeIt