Celebrities love firey locks as Lena Dunham proves

Wow! Lena Dunham has ditched her trademark bleached blonde hair and dyed her hair red.

We just love how shiny and healthy her hair looks and It’s given us complete #hairenvy.

It’s the perfect time to update your hair colour and chuck away any wintery blues and what’s better than a little bit of celeb hair inspo to help you decide on what shade to choose.

The celebs love a new dye job to refresh their look and stars like Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence and Laura Haddock have all dipped into the red dye.

Blake looked almost mermaid-like with her locks back in 2011 and Jennifer looks completely different with her darker mane. We keep watching The Hunger Games and forgetting that it’s actually her.

Jennifer‘s co-star, British actress Laura ditched her blonde locks when she hit Hollywood years ago and she’s toyed with multiple brown and auburn like tones ever since.

Don’t be scared! If you’re not a natural redhead, this auburn tone may seem a little frightening, but it’s actually really easy to pull off and there’s loads of different tones to choose from. Lena‘s hair colour only has a hint of red and it’s really easy to pull off, no matter what your skin tone.

Check out our top five reasons to go red:

  1. It warms your skin tone. Whether you’re of a pale, olive or dark complexion, everyone can benefit from its colour boosting qualities.
  2. It emphasises your eye colour, especially if you have light green or blue eyes.
  3. It makes your hair look more glossy.
  4. It oozes Jessica Rabbit sex appeal.
  5. It’s easy to maintain, with most at-home dye kits offering incredible colours you don’t have to shell out for expensive salon treatments.

Whether red is for you or not, you can’t deny how gorgeous the celebs look with their firey tresses.

Or can you? Tell us what you think, who should have stayed blonde and which ones made the right foli-call! Geddit?!

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Lydia Anne Thompson