From Sexy Spice to sixth sense, here's 11 things you did not know about former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell!

Geri Halliwell shot to fame as Ginger Spice – one fifth of international girl group, The Spice Girls, back in 1996. There’s plenty you might not know about the red-haired singer though! Here are 11 facts that might just shock you silly!

Spooky powers!
Geri, who turns 43 this week, believes she has supernatural powers, admitting: ‘I discovered I’m psychic ­ not seriously spooky, but my radar has become very sharp and I second-guess a lot of things.’ She added: ‘Last week I told one of my PAs she was going to be having a little girl and she just found out she’s having a daughter.’ Back in 2009 Geri also admitted that she tries to avoid ‘negative people’ as it¹s ‘draining’.

Spanish roots
Geri may have pale skin and red hair but she’s actually half Spanish ­ her mum Ana Maria is from northern Spain. Geri speaks the language fluently and her great-grandad was the mayor of the town of Cordoba. The other side of her family is a mix of English and Swedish.

Russell Brand is one of her exes
She’s now happily married but Geri previously dated comedian Russell Brand after his split from Katy Perry. The pair hit it off at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony and were seen on several dates, with Russell admitting: ‘I’ve got a crush on Geri ­ everything in the world is how it should be.’
Sadly it all ended two weeks later.

She thought up the ‘Spice’ name
In her 2002 autobiography If Only, Geri revealed she thought up the name ‘Spice’ while at the gym. She was originally called ‘Sexy Spice’ before taking on the title ‘Ginger Spice’ ­ more suitable for a younger audience.
And what a catchy name that turned out to be!

It’s Mrs Horner to you!
Following her lavish Bedfordshire wedding to Formula 1 racing boss Christian Horner in May, ­ where she reportedly sang Wannabe to him at the reception, ­ she ditched the surname Halliwell on social media. Geri ­ who has a nine-year-old daughter Bluebell from her relationship with
screenwriter Sacha Gervasi ­ first went public with Christian in March 2014, although they’re said to have known each other for several years.

A not-so-Posh clothes range
Geri followed in the footsteps of her former bandmate Victoria Beckham by releasing her own clothing collection. But unlike VB, Geri’s range was more high street than designer ­ she worked with Next to design bikinis, frocks and even a replica of the iconic Union Jack dress she wore at the 1997 Brit Awards. The original dress, which she and her sister Karen made
out of a tea towel, was later auctioned for around £40,000.

Her pooches go with her everywhere
Geri’s always been a dog lover but was reportedly banned from her local gym after she took her Pomeranian Daddy along for a workout in 2007, leaving him by the treadmill as she worked up a sweat. She’s since rehomed another Pomeranian called William ­ who once pooed outside her then
boyfriend Henry Beckwith’s bedroom door!

She’s been linked to royalty
Well, kind of. When she first met Prince Charles while in the Spice Girls in 1997, cheeky Geri pinched the heir to the throne’s bottom and told him he was ‘very sexy’! After she left the band the following year, Charles sent Geri a personal letter claiming ‘the group would not be the same’
without her, adding: ‘What will I do without your wonderfully friendly greeting?’ Ooh-er.

Beach babe
As a meditation lover who’s released several yoga DVDs, it’s no surprise Geri’s a fan of calm environments and says the beach is her ‘favourite place’. ‘I can chill out, read, listen to music and play with my daughter,’ she reveals.

Unlikely TV crush
Geri has admitted to lusting after comedian Michael McIntyre. In 2011, she revealed: ‘I fell in love watching him on Britain’s Got Talent.’ She added: ‘I want to apologise to his wife and tell her that I’m saying this from a pure, unpredatory place. I think Michael’s brilliant on that show.’

Her secret to eternal youth
Geri loves sharing photos of her facial treatments, which range from masks
to homemade concoctions made of banana, yogurt and honey. It all works, G!

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