Including his love of Milky Way cake bars, the oh-so-unglamorous car he drives and his rapping career (SERIOUSLY)

He may have got off on the wrong foot with the public when he confessed to be supporting ‘whoever England are playing against’ during the 2006 World Cup, but nowadays Scotman Andy Murray is a bona fide national hero.

Yes, he may have missed out on this year’s championships but he’s still a treasure in our eyes!

With Wimbledon wrapping up this weekend, here’s 12 things you probably didn’t know about the British tennis superstar…

1. His middle name is Barron…

…which translates in Old English as ‘young warrior’ – quite fitting, really.

2. His manager is Simon Fuller

Yes, the same Simon Fuller that made superstars of the Spice Girls. He also looks after fellow sport stars Lewis Hamilton, David Beckham and Sir Bradley Wiggins.

3. He won BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year in 2004

But almost missed the ceremony after he locked himself in a bathroom. Doh.

4. And then he won the ‘grown-up’ BBC Sports Personality of the Year award in 2013!

Speaking via a satellite link-up, Murray used his acceptance speech to apologise for his boring voice, saying: ‘No matter how excited I try to sound my voice always sounds boring – that’s just my voice, I’m sorry. I’m very excited right now!”

5. He once recorded a RAP

Back in 2009, Andy lent his (somewhat questionable) rapping talents to US Doubles players Bob and Mike Bryan’s song ‘Autograph’. The monotone-voiced Scot rapped: ‘During Wimbledon it really gets crazy, my hand cramps up and my mind gets hazy. I sign and sign but the line doesn’t end, wake me up tomorrow and let’s do it again. Autograph.’ This is not a joke, you guys – listen to the proof below (skip to 1:30 to hear Andy do his thang).

6. He loves Milky Way cake bars

Like, REALLY loves them. In his biography on the tennis star, Mark Hodgkinson revealed that Andy once bought so many of them that the checkout lady asked, ‘Do you think these are on special offer or something?’ To which girlfriend Kim answered: ‘No, he just likes them a lot.’

7. And he’s also a pretty big Bond fan

And would spend all his pocket money buying the films when he was younger (his favourite was Goldfinger, since you ask). Murray was reportedly thrilled when Sean Connery (AKA the best Bond of all time – sorry, Daniel Craig) called to wish him luck ahead of Wimbledon 2005.

8. He likes to, umm, you know – do it

‘I’m not one of those sportsmen who practises a strict policy of sexual abstinence before playing,’ Andy revealed in 2011.

He added: ‘Tennis is not like boxing. I remember a former world heavyweight whose trainer banned him from having sex for the six weeks before a fight. In tennis we play every week, so with a boxer’s mentality, we’d always be saying ‘no’.’

Lucky Kim.

9. He used to own a red Ferrari…

…but sold it because he felt like an idiot driving it. ‘I’m quite a conservative driver, but when I was driving that, I would get beeped just for getting out of the car,’ he said. Now he drives a Volkswagen Polo that was his first ever car.

10. He’s worth a a few £££

Andy’s career earnings to date currently stand at $38.1 MILLION (around £24.6 million). Which isn’t too shabby, is it?

11. He has a second career as a hotelier

In 2013 Andy bought Cromlix House in Scotland, which opened as a luxury hotel in April the following year; one night in a suite at the swanky establishment will set you back up to £595. His brother Jamie was married at the hotel in 2010.

12. He’s tee-total…

…although did give alcohol a try when he was 16 – with disastrous results. Having had a drink whilst he was at a tennis camp in Barcelona, teenage Andy reacted badly and was sick. He later revealed he ‘tried to catch it in my hands – it went down my arms and legs and splashed on my shoes.’ We’ve all been there, Andy. TRUST US.

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Stephanie Wood