We delve into what happened to Bill Clinton's intern after the end of his shocking sex scandal

Mixing business with pleasure
Back in 1995 when Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill was US president, there was another woman in the headlines – Monica Lewinsky, a 22-year-old intern who was involved in a sex scandal with Bill that ended up costing him his political career. So what happened next for Monica, and where is she now?

An inappropriate relationship
It was in April 1995 when Monica’s co-workers began to notice that she and president Clinton were spending a little bit too much time together. She’d confided in colleague Linda Tripp that she’d been having a relationship with the president, and Tripp secretly recorded the conversations, which kick-started the colossal scandal.

Monica around the time of the sex scandal

Monica around the time of the sex scandal

National outcry
Bill Clinton was historically impeached after appearing on television in January 1998, uttering the famous words: ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.’ A court case ensued which showed Bill to be a liar due to evidence, including a blue dress with his semen stains on. He left the presidency after the end of his second term 
in 2001. Monica’s since said: ‘I felt like every layer of my skin and my identity were ripped off of me in ’98 and ’99.’

A change of direction
Monica took a new direction after the scandal, releasing a line of handbags. She also made a foray into TV, where she presented reality show Mr Personality and was a regular on the party circuit in Manhattan until she decided to step out of the limelight in 2005 and did a degree in psychology at the London School of Economics.

Standing up for others
Most recently, Monica has been a champion for anti-bullying. In a 2015 TED talk she said: ‘Overnight, I went from being a completely private figure to a publicly humiliated one worldwide. I was branded as a tramp, tart, slut, whore, bimbo, and, of course, “that woman”. It was easy to forget that “that woman” was dimensional, had a soul, and was once unbroken.’ Monica does still maintain a little bit of showbiz in her life, naming Four Weddings And A Funeral actor Alan Cumming as one of her best friends.