Aww, we love it when a sad story turns into a happy one. Kerry Katona is one lucky lady to have George Kay as her man. Here's why...

She’s touring with Atomic Kitten this summer, back to her foxy fighting weight after having her fifth child and her social feeds are full of positivity. But we reckon it’s her third husband George Kay who’s the real reason things are looking up for Kerry Katona. Let’s have a look at the evidence, shall we?

1. He’s a right romantic

Back in 2014 when 40-year-old former rugby player George was detained under the Mental Health Act after a breakdown following a cocktail of booze, steroids and sleeping pills it all looked a bit grim for the pair who’ve been married for less than a year. Was Kerry Katona‘s third married doomed to end in divorce like her marriage to Brian McFadden and Mark Croft? Uh-huh. Since then, things have been smooth sailing for 34-year-old singer Kerry and George, her former driver and minder. They seem very much in love. Witness this Twitter convo the pair had on Valentine’s Day. After taking Kerry away to Budapest, Kezza Tweets:

‘Thank you so much for this amazing weekend away. I love you soooo much, I can’t believe I’m here. Xoxoxox.’

Then later:

‘I really do have the best husband in the world. I’m so proud to be your wife.’

To which he responds:

‘Not as proud as I am to be your husband.’

We’re LOVING this PDA guys, keep it up.

2. The kids love him

George has one daughter with Kerry, 11 month old Dylan-Jorge Rose but he’s won the hearts of her other four children Molly, 13, Lilly-Sue, 12, Heidi, 7 and Max, 5 too. Check out this vid of Lilly-Sue’s 12th birthday. After Kerry gives Lilly a brand new iPhone, what’s the first thing she does? Kiss and thank her mum, then covers stepdad George in kisses too.

3. Despite having been to jail, he’s actually a good guy

George served time for blackmail back in 2008, so he’s got a murky history. But like Kerry, who has her own demons – struggling with drug addiction and bankruptcy in the past – he’s turned his life around and has an incredibly thoughtful side too. He’s been publicly supportive of the Balls to Cancer campaign – posing naked to encourage men to check for testicular cancer, and his Twitter feed is full of other charitable retweets – for missing people and homeless dogs.

4. He keeps her grounded

Unlike Mark, who caused a rift between Kerry and her mum Sue, since she’s been with George, mother and daughter have never been closer. Sue says, ‘I think George is lovely. I’ve never seen Kerry so happy. He loves her and he loves the kids, that’s what is important.’ And rather than bragging about celebby nights out, George and Kerry often share pictures of their family’s Saturday nights in. When asked what her marriage is really like, Kerry says: ‘It’s a really boring, normal, dull marriage. Same as every other couple.’

5. He supports her work

Whether it’s a visit to the ITV studios for an interview with Lorraine or an Atomic Kitten get-together ahead of their world tour this summer, George is at Kerry’s side. Looks like he still takes his role as Kerry’s minder seriously.

6. Um, he’s got a body like this

Nuff said.