Kylie Jenner celebrated getting her high school diploma in a way that we could only have dreamed of


Kylie Jenner is officially a graduate! Well, a high school graduate, that is.

Despite her busy media/modelling/experimenting with hair colours schedule and filming commitments with Keeping Up With The Kardashians, 17-year-old Kyles has managed to get her diploma and proudly shared the news with her Twitter fans this week.

Kylie had been homeschooled in recent months so she didn’t have the traditional school graduation ceremony but her family made sure she still got to celebrate by throwing her a surprise party.

Unsurprisingly though it was still VERY different to any service we’ve been too, that’s for sure. Here’s 5 ways that Kylie’s graduation was really NOT like yours. Like, at all.

She rocked a cap and gown

Kylie’s schooling send-off might have been a little different to a conventional one but she still got kitted out in the traditional cap and gown. Whilst our mortar board looked, well, pretty daft, Kyles somehow managed to carry hers off. She rather unconventionally wore the gown over a low-cut top, skinny jeans and heels too.

She had her own photo booth

At her surprise bash, Kylie and her guests – including her famous siblings as well as model pal Gigi Hadid – posed for a ton of cute snaps in their very own photo booth. The party also acknowledged the fact that Kylie’s model sister Kendall, 19, graduated LAST year and so all of the pictures featured the slogan ‘Congratulations Kendall & Kylie, Class 2014 & 2015’, totally personalised. We’re not jealous at all. Really, we’re not…

She shared it with nearly 30 million people

Our cringey graduation pictures were shown only to the absolutely necessary people, i.e. parents, close friends who are kind enough not to laugh at our cap-squashed hair, etc, before being locked away FOREVER. But Kylie’s snaps had a slightly larger audience, given that she posted hers to Instagram ready for her 29.9 MILLION FOLLOWERS to see. Wowzers.

Her party had a properly famous host

If you attended your graduation ball you may remember some ever-so-slightly ‘famous’ act being there as the ‘entertainment’. Perhaps somebody who came 10th on Pop Idol or some such. Kylie’s party was hosted by actual Ryan Seacrest though, who is a properly big name in the US. He hosted American Idol for years, so it’d be like someone from The X Factor doing it over here. It’s kind of like Cheryl throwing you a party (if you’re reading this, Chezza, please feel free).

There was twerking

One thing that definitely did NOT occur at our graduation was twerking. Not at the ceremony (thank God – nobody wants to see that) or even at the ball. Kylie’s celebrations, however, were a different story entirely. Big sis Khloé Kardashian was filmed vigorously shaking her bum in a cheeky Snapchat video filmed at the party and Kylie herself got caught on film grinding up against a pal. Blimey.

There were synchronised swimmers

Well, did YOUR graduation have a pool containing synchronised swimmers performing a swish little dance? Thought not.

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