Ever wondered what happened to the third member of Bros? Find out here...

A bit of background

They were one of the biggest bands of the 80s and Bros fans were delighted when brothers Matt and Luke Goss announced they’re reuniting for a reunion tour next August to celebrate their 30th anniversary. But original Bros member Craig Logan won’t be there. What became of pop’s most reluctant star ?

‘When will I be famous?’

Craig was born in 1969, in Kirkcaldy. He met twins Matt and Luke at school in Peckham, London, and the three of them formed Bros in 1986. They were managed by Pet Shop Boys manager Tom Watkins and soon took the UK by storm. Debut album Push sold over 2 million albums in the UK and produced five Top 10 singles, including the aptly named When Will I Be Famous? The boys also embarked on a huge UK tour, including 19 dates at Wembley Arena alone. However, the pressure was too much for Craig, who suddenly quit the band at the age of 19.

Life after Bros

Despite their biggest hit, Craig’s insisted he never wanted to be famous, revealing: ‘That was never my intention. Whereas the other two guys, they really wanted to be famous.’ At the time he told Terry Wogan he was glad to have quit – and it wasn’t completely amicable, adding: ‘They had their opinions and I had mine,’ He later sued the brothers for £1 million in alleged unpaid royalties – which they said left them nearly bankrupt.

The pop idol turns starmaker

Having had enough of the limelight, Craig went behind the scenes in the music world – and ended up making a mint. By the age of 25 he was international marketing manager at EMI and went on to manage the likes of Tina Turner, Pink and Paul McCartney. He also dated Dannii Minogue. He now runs Logan Media Entertainment, a global music company that manages the likes of Anastacia and Aston Merrygold. Not bad for someone who wanted to leave the celebrity thing behind.