The news that BBC1 comedy Miranda's ending is enough to make us spontaneously fall down


We’re still coming to terms with Miranda Hart‘s awful announcement that her award-winning comedy will come to an end after two specials airing this Christmas.

It’s been two years since the third series ended and we’ve been patiently waiting for more Miranda ever since – which was excruciating enough – but facing a future without her silly slapstick’s just too unbearable to even contemplate.

So we ask you Miranda, in fact we BEG you to reconsider. We’re not delusional – we know we can’t change Miranda‘s mind – but we’ve put together this list of seven good reasons why we’re sad to see Miranda go:

1. Falling down. A lot of comedians have thrown their bodies on to the floor to get a laugh. But there’s something about the way Miranda faceplants that magically absorbs the shame of any embarrassing situation we’ve experienced and makes it disappear in one triumphant tumble.

2. Gary Barlow. Miranda kissed Gary Barlow. Any woman who can fulfil the collective hopes and dreams of every woman in the country with one simple smooch on Gazza’s lips surely has a lot more snogging to do. How else will we be able to live out our celeb fantasies, if not vicariously through Miranda?

3. TOM ELLIS (or the other Gary). He’s dark, tall and handsome, he can cook and doesn’t care how badly you embarrass yourself – what’s not to love? His perfect five o’clock shadow is the stuff Christmas wishes are made of.

4. Saying ‘bear with’ – when Miranda‘s mate Tilly puts whoever is in her company on pause while she takes more than a moment to check her mobile – and believing that this total social shutdown is acceptable – is hilarious. We have adopted this behaviour and do it all the time (in a tongue-in-cheek way of course).

5. Saying, ‘SUCH FUN!’ – it’s a simple saying as catchphrases go, but Miranda‘s mum makes speaking these two words a complete and utter joy.

6. The spontaneous lies Miranda accidentally spits out when she feels nervous – like the time she saw Gary next door and randomly told him she was an Olympic gymnast. LOL.

7. Speaking to camera – but what we’ll miss most is Miranda talking to us viewers. We know it was pretend, but it made us feel like part of the family and like she was part of ours.

We’ll miss you lots, Miranda!

Louis Boroditsky