Meet Waffle, Caroline Flack’s beloved pet cat and all-round star of The X Factor

After Rita Ora’s dog Cher started hanging out with the whole X Factor crew, it was only a matter of time before Caroline Flack brought her cat Waffle to work with her – and now it’s happened.

Yep, tiny little Waffle joined mum Caroline, 35, on set this week and happily appeared in front of the cameras with the presenter as she chatted to Olly Murs, Rochelle Humes and Melvin Odoom.

‘Waffle makes his TV debut ….. BEST CAT EVER,’ Cazza proudly captioned the photo. Awww!

You’d think it might be a bit intimidating to be on the show for the first time but Waffle looks right at home with the X Factor gang. In fact we think he should be a permanant member of the team and here’s why…

He brings equality

Most of The X Factor crew are dog owners, what with all four judges being the proud parents of several pooches between them. This is a concern regarding dog/cat equality – who’s representing the cat people out there? Step forward Ms Flack and Waffle to balance things out a bit.

He enjoys travel

The X Factor is currently on the road for the auditions stages and fortunately travel doesn’t seem to faze Waffle. When Caroline’s busy at work the cute kitty often stays with her sister so he’s used to leaving the confines of his home and seeing the world.

He owns a death stare

You know that awkward moment where there’s a, um, vocally challenged singer on the X Factor stage and the judges pull a myriad of unimpressed/gently exasperated/bored stiff expressions? Waffle could make this situation much easier by simply giving a ‘look’ at said contestant to inform them that they won’t be progressing any further in the competition. Any cat owners out there know the power of a mog’s withering stare (trust us, we’ve been on the end of tonnes and they’re deadly).

He can diffuse any cat fights (sorry)

Tension building on set? Judges rowing? Not a problem with Waffle around. Just one look at that gorgeous little face and all anger will instantly be dissolved.

He’s always entertaining

Caroline’s Instagram followers will be aware of Waffle’s amusing exploits. The cheeky cat loves playing hide and seek, striking brilliant poses (both when awake and asleep – impressive) and showing up in unexpected places such as on the edge of the bath when Cazza’s having a soak. Guaranteed entertainment.

He needs time with his mum

Doting cat mum Caroline LOVES Waffle, so much so that she even got a paw print tattoo behind her ear earlier this year as a mark of her affection for him. They’ve recently had to endure time apart whilst Caroline was filming Love Island so we think Waffs definitely deserves plenty of quality time with his bestie. Hence he NEEDS to be at The X Factor, like, all the time.


Oh come on, even if you’re not a cat person – JUST LOOK AT HIM! Has there ever been anything so adorable? Waffle, we’re big fans of your work.

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