Even if you're not a tennis fan, there's reason to watch Wimbledon, trust us !


Pop to the supermarket down the road. Grab some strawberries and cream. And put your finest white outfit on people, because we’re smack bang in the middle of Wimbledon fever!

Yes, it’s that time of year again where we’re utterly hooked on the fine game of racquet and ball! And from where we’re sitting it’s the perfect excuse to claim back your lunch hour and enjoy the popping noise of the tennis.

It’s far more exciting that refreshing your Facebook feed while munching on a soggy sandwich, trust us!

As well as watching it on screens that have popped up at bars and pubs across the country, you can also watch it live on bbc.co.uk/sport either on your iPad, phone or desktop.

But if we haven’t already convinced you that this is the best idea EVER, here’s nine more reasons why…

1. Andy Murray

C’mon Andy! THIS. IS. YOUR. YEAR! After the Scotsman won in 2013, 2014 was a little disappointing. But we have hope. He’s already married the gorgeous Kim Sears this year so we know he’s a happy man in that sense. We’re sure the championship will just be the icing on the cake.

2. The noise

Yes, we’re talking about the popping of the ball and the polite clapping. Not the grunting! It’s all so British and once you’re 15 minutes in, it becomes just as relaxing a those whale music playlists you have.

3. The celeb spotting

Millie Mackintosh has already been, Tess and Vernon enjoyed a day date in the Royal Box, even Niall Horan squeezed in a game after Glastonbury. It’s spectator bingo! We’re hoping Kate and Wills will make an appearance soon.

4. The inappropriate shouting

‘Marry me, Murray!’, ‘Nadal, I love you!’ it’s funny!

5. The bodies

Hot, sweaty, tall men and gorgeous long-legged women. If you want some fitso or just something to smile at, Wimbledon offers both.

6. The grounds men

Anyone else noticed how cute the grounds men are? No, we’re not talking about the young ball boys, we’re taking about the guys who sit courtside in their green polo shirts and pull the covers over when the dreaded rain appears. HAWT!

7. It’s a reason to drink Pimms

What better way to get in some team bonding than to buy a jug of Pimms with your colleagues and enjoy a game or two? If you don’t like your colleagues, maybe just get a glass.

8. And eat strawberries by the bucket load

If you haven’t tasted British strawberries this year, you’re missing out. They’re divine! At most supermarkets you can buy a punnet for £1.50 at the mo. Be careful not to dribble down your whites though!

9. The hardcore fans

The British aren’t known for their fashion sense and Wimbledon proves just that. And we love it. Union Jack hats, t-shirts, shorts, shoes, flags, hell, some of the SERIOUS fans even have a Union Jack tent! Now THAT’S dedication!

So, c’mon Andy!

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